Cargo Ventilation Hoods

CMI Marine offers a complete solution to new cargo hold ventilation hoods. 
Ventilation hood model 45 construction is made to accelerating the air, hood dampers is made to close automatically or hand maneuvered. No maintenance due to construction in stainless steel and no greasing due to gasket don’t need any grease. This construction makes it possible to have smaller fan motor. 
Ventilation hoods model SQ to make the maintenance and service easier, construction stain less steel. 

CMI Oil Recoverer

CMI´s Oil Recoverer is, in comparison to other products in the same field, more efficient, since it in the process can separate 95 percent of the oil from the water (HFO). To secure the quality of the highly effective machine it is produced in Sweden. Another very important quality of the product is its flexibility.

CMI Sludge Cleaner

The CMI Sludge Cleaner (CSC) separates sludge oil from water and dirt into clean sludge oil without using any chemicals in the process. The oil residues is processed through filters and cleaned to a high extent and the oil residues can therefore be re-used onboard in the incinerator or the auxiliary boiler without operational problems to these units.

Liferaft Cradle

This Life Raft Cradle is unique in comparison to other launch davits. This is because CMI´s launching of the life raft much faster and easier.
Apart from saving time in an emergency situation it also requires less manpower. The user of the product also gets a better safety for the crew on the ship. The Life Raft Cradle is approved by the Swedish Marine Administration and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sweden.

Locking Device

Locking device for Weather deck doors, Cargo room and Escape trunks. This locking device comply with the ISPS regulation to lock doors and space onboard and make it possible to pass out and in without any problem for the crew. In an emergency situation the crew can easily pass the door or trunk from both sides according to ISM and SOLAS.


Mobile Sludge Treatment Plant (MSTP)

CMI Marine´s new innovation, MSTP, is a total solution for reception of sludge oil from vessel in port. The solutions is built in a container and are custom made for the clients and their special needs, as the quantity of total sludge oil reception varies a lot between different ports.
The mobile unit can easily be installed anywhere in the port and demands minimum of maintenance and have very low operation costs. Which are saving both time and costs for the clients.

RDS 15 Oil Skimmer

The RDS 15 Skimmer is a light, portable suction type oil skimmer, designed to recover oil from shore lines, harbors, estuaries, rivers and lakes. The RDS 15 Skimmer uses the proven RuiSi Tech double brush system which delivers high oil recovery capacity above that of ordinary skimmers. The double brush system is effective in recovering light oil which has been a problem for other brush designs.

RuiSi Oil Tech Booms

CMI can offer the best Oil booms available on the market for any needs and solutions you ask for.
Please download product info on pdf or contact us directly for more info.

RuiSi Tech Oil & Water tank

The RuiSi Tech oil Tank are for oil spill response or industrial water storage. The shape is like onion which made by reinforced fabric with PVC coated . The tanks are of having a temperature resistance range from -20~+70°C. The tanks are equipped with with 2” anodize Aluminium flange and a high-strength UPVC ball valve. Filling will be done from top open directly and emptying of oil tanks is achieved via C type hose fast adapter connected to ball valve.