CMI Oil Recoverer

CMI´s Oil Recoverer is, in comparison to other products in the same field, more efficient, since it in the process can separate 95 percent of the oil from the water (HFO). To secure the quality of the highly effective machine it is produced in Sweden. Another very important quality of the product is its flexibility.
The product's width is 55 centimeters, length 55 centimeters and height 110 centimetres. The weight of the machine is 60 kilograms, so it can easily be moved by two persons. With help from the Oil Recoverer the cost of cleaning will decrease in comparison to ordinary cleaning. Besides this it saves a lot of time as it’s the most efficient way of cleaning up oil. The Oil Recoverer was also nominated to be the best invention at the Stockholm Technical Fair 2006. Many shipping companies today have equipped their vessels with the Oil Recoverer. And there are several ongoing negotiations with coast guards, shipping companies and national organisations in the oil sector.
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