CMI Sludge Cleaner

The CMI Sludge Cleaner (CSC) separates sludge oil from water and dirt into clean sludge oil without using any chemicals in the process. The oil residues is processed through filters and cleaned to a high extent and the oil residues can therefore be re-used onboard in the incinerator or the auxiliary boiler without operational problems to these units.
Since the sludge is reduced and the total amount of sludge onboard is minimized, the overall cost for sludge handling is reduced to a minimum. If sent to shore facilities, the sludge is considered as clean sludge oil and not contaminated with any chemicals.
Vessel’s waste oil ends up to a sludge tank. To get rid of the sludge the vessels need to pay the harbor to take care of it. The CMI Sludge Cleaner takes care of this and reduces the volume of sludge oil and bilge water. The return water from the CSC will be pumped to bilge water separator which separates influent bilge water to the required 15 ppm or less.
The CSC has no wear damage, because it contains no loose parts and no rotating parts. The separation of sludge oil will be done in two steps. The separation process will be controlled by temperature and densities of the oil. After being separated from water the sludge oil pass a filter (100µm) to be cleaned from dirt and particles (filter cleaning after customer request).If properly maintained, the construction of the CSC has a 10-year guarantee. Parts, such as pumps, valves, heater and electrical cabinet have guarantee according to their product fabricate.