Mobile Sludge Treatment Plant (MSTP)

CMI Marine´s new innovation, MSTP, is a total solution for reception of sludge oil from vessel in port. The solutions is built in a container and are custom made for the clients and their special needs, as the quantity of total sludge oil reception varies a lot between different ports.
The mobile unit can easily be installed anywhere in the port and demands minimum of maintenance and have very low operation costs. Which are saving both time and costs for the clients.
MSTP, also give ports that today that have not got the proper reception facilities today the opportunity to receive sludge oil from vessel to a very competitive price.
MSTP separate the sludge oil from water and clean the sludge to 100 or 50 micron (clients’ choice) and filter away the solid parts. The oily water will be taken care of by the oily water separator and the cleaned bilge water (under 15ppm) will go to a separate tank. There are no chemicals used in the process.